Service Offerings & Pricing

I currently offer group workshops designed to deepen your personal awareness (Emotional Anatomy), small group sessions to strengthen your connection to the body-mind, re-pattern unnecessary holding patterns and develop confidence (Authentic Alignment) and personalized individual sessions for complete re-integration of the body-mind. (Body-Mind Analysis & Integration). 

Body-mind Analysis $90

  • in this 60min Psychosomatic Therapy session you will discover the connection between your body-mind and how this connection shows up in the way you think, feel and act in the world

  • you will discover your Authentic Alignment and receive personalized tools for integrating the body-mind as one unified system

  • you will learn how to regulate your nervous system for conscious re-patterning of the body-mind 

  • each body-mind analysis comes with a 15min phone call follow up session or psychosomatic ‘tune up’ to be booked within 30 days of initial consultation

Body-mind Integration $60

  • in this 45min follow up session to the body-mind analysis you will receive a psychosomatic ‘tune-up’ along with personalized tools and re-alignments for your current body-mind needs and goals

  • a body-mind analysis session is required in order to schedule a body-mind integration session 

Packages for complete integration and self-transformation

  • $111/month - two 45min sessions each month for a minimum of three months 

  • $222/month - four 45min sessions each month for a minimum of three months 

  • participants in monthly programs receive additional ongoing support through recorded relaxation techniques and personalized guided meditation practices

Individual sessions can be booked at two locations with the Saskatoon City limits

  • within the healing space at Soul Foods Conscious Grocer, located at 401 20th Street West

  • within the healing space at Three Treasures Herbal Emporium, located at 214 20th Street East

Private and group sessions (Emotional Anatomy & Authentic Alignment) as well as out of town offerings are available by request

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